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growth.glacom is an editorial project by glacom that aims to spread the modern philosophies of our work at https://www.glacom.uk

Our approach is based on accelerationism.

Accelerationism: the idea that capitalism should be accelerated in order to overcome it and bring about radical social change.

The free economy: our space.

The only way to propose a different economy is by promoting a free one.

Growth hacking: our strategy for growth.

Growth hacking: rapid growth that seeks solutions
with low economic impact or at no cost

FREE! The future of business

K. Gillette was a frustrated inventor, a bitter anti-capitalist, and a cork-lined bottle cap salesman. One day, whilst shaving with a razor so worn out that it could no longer be sharpened, he came up with a new idea: a safety razor with a disposable blade. But his idea didn’t take off straight away. He tried every marketing gimmick that he could think of. He sold millions of razors to the army at a huge discount, and also to banks so they could give them away. The razors were packaged together with everything from Wrigley’s gum to packets of coffee, tea, spices, and marshmallows.

These freebies helped to sell those products, but the strategy helped Gillette on another level too: by giving away the razors, which were useless as stand-alone products, he was creating demand for disposable blades. He was a pioneer of the free economy: a model that is now the basis of entire industries that have had to overcome the idea that just because something is free, it doesn’t mean that we have to buy something else in return.

The concept of freebies, which was initially a marketing gimmick, has now become an economy in its own right. It forms a part of our lives — of the West’s unicorn start-up culture. Digitalisation, in turn, is accelerating low-cost supply.

The future will certainly be free, and growth hacking is moving in that direction, betting on rapid growth that seeks solutions at no cost, or with a very low economic impact. At its heart, this is something that all companies do: try to reduce costs in order to increase profits. Growth hacking proposes a much more intelligent, creative, and astute form of growth, which moves away from the typical capitalistic marketing structure.

growth.glacom is a communications project that shares anonymous stories of our daily experiences with companies from all over Europe, most of whom are our clients. Our strategy for accelerating business and increasing profits is offered free of charge.

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